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"Best" Champions by Class Empty "Best" Champions by Class

Post by iocolas on Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:13 am

Hi all,

Wanted to ask your opinion, to date, who "the best"/your favorite champs are in each class? Assuming they all have their duplicate ability:

Mystic - Jugg. Decent reach, and that guaranteed starting unstoppable ability (plus very triggerable throughout battle) is super helpful and a b**** to fight against.
Cosmic - I hear everyone say Gamora a lot but I also like Thor. Some say he's slow, but his third special attack takes a huge chunk out of the opponent's hp, and stun (up to 4.5 seconds!) comes with all 3 attacks which guarantees free hits/extra dmg when it triggers. I've taken down an equal opponent from over half health after using 2nd lvl attack + stun freebie hits afterwards.
Tech - Vision. Power draining the opponent is everything, let alone you can gain some of it yourself with the newer version of Vision. And you only have to get up to the 2nd special to use it.
Science - Not sure here. Thoughts?
Mutant - Deadpool because regen can be OP. I find that Wolverine's specials/reach can fall short, and it's too easy for him to swing-and-miss entirely!
Skill - Not sure here either.

With that said, I feel that my above opinions are not fully accurate because I don't have all the champions and can't compare effectively. I especially lack a lot of the newer "special/exclusive" ones such as Yellow Jacket, Ultron, etc. Thus, I would like your input! However, I remember when these newer champions like Unstoppable colossus, Rocket Raccoon, Magneto, etc. came out and noticed that their starting base stats were TERRIBLE compared to the older generation of champs. For example, look at 3* unstoppable colossus from the alliance crystal: his base rating is worse than a 2*!!!


Cheers mates,


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