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A Polite Request Empty A Polite Request

Post by iocolas on Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:39 pm

Hi KOs,

I know I'm not in any position to make any demands being a relatively newer alliance member, but I just wanted to respectfully request that there be no forcing or demanding of people to spend real-life money on the game. If there's one thing I can't stand in any alliance, it's members bullying or threatening each other to get kicked or whatnot, whether you're leader, officer, or member alike. Obviously there are expectations and these should be followed. However, nothing pisses me off more than assuming someone who works a demanding 28-hour shift job should "pay up" or be on their idevice (or whatever) 24/7 as much as a kiddo who has the summer off (no offense, just an example.) We all have lives and I just hope this is respected. This is just a game after all, let's have fun.

With that said, there needs to be a clear set of expectations in order that they be followed. Membership is ultimately up to the discretion of the alliance leader and/or the officers of course, but it would help (and only be fair) if rules are delineated so they have a fair chance of being met. So... what are they?


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A Polite Request Empty Re: A Polite Request

Post by Super Lunchbox on Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:17 am

I think you'll be happy to hear that there have never been demands to spend any real money in the game. Some of us have spent money in the game, but not everyone and it's always at their discretion.

To your question about expectations, I will give you my perspective, but I will defer to any of the officers/leader if they have other thoughts to add. Our main expectation is that members contribute. Everyone has busy lives and can't be on at all times, but we need everyone to do what they can to contribute to daily/multi-day events. There are some alliance members that track participation so it will be noticed when members are missing events regularly.

There are some specific best practices that we follow (I.e. Save hero crystals for dupe day), but that's a little different than the question you are asking so it's better for another post. I think you will find some of that in the other posts that are already up, but if you have any questions just let one of us know.

It sounds simple, but That's really how I see the expectations. Like I mentioned, there are some specific nuances to how we approach events that we can fill you in on, but if you have suggestions on how we can be successful we'd love to hear them too.

Guys, I think that sum up the main requirement, but please fill in anything I may have missed.

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